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From 03/22/2015 to 04/20/2015


07:45 pm CMUcam4 General Questions: RE: How determine if the color was detected?
Look at the data in the tracking data struct. Kwabena Agyeman
07:42 pm CMUcam4 General Questions: RE: Read to serial port while the CMUcam4 is tracking color
You don't have any logic in the code to stop tracking. The best thing todo is to set the tracking colors to all zero.... Kwabena Agyeman


04:17 pm CMUcam4 Getting Started: RE: Read blocks of pixeis with arduino mega
Reading a BMP file has nothing to do with the CMUcam4. Anyway, what kind of software is reading the BMP file? Is this... Kwabena Agyeman
04:15 pm CMUcam4 Getting Started: RE: Problem uploading an example from the CMUcam library on Arduino Mega
It's the serial connection. Make sure that you've connected the serial pins on the camera correctly. Kwabena Agyeman
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