Pixy detecting silver balls?

Added by Holger Schlingloff over 3 years ago

As you might know, in RoboCup Junior Rescue Line, the task is to collect and place a number of silver balls.
Would PixyCam be apt for this purpose? The balls are 100% reflecting, so maybe a coloured LED flashlight could help?
Thankful for any opinion on that,

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RE: Pixy detecting silver balls? - Added by Edward Getz over 3 years ago

Hello Holger,
Highly reflective surfaces are difficult for Pixy to detect because it is using hue for detection and reflective surfaces take on the hue of their surroundings. Perhaps using an infrared emitter would work for this -- Pixy would detect the reflected IR light. The IRLock folks have a modified Pixy that they sell (https://irlock.com/) but it doesn't support LEGO :(

Colored LED light is an interesting idea. As long as the surroundings aren't sufficiently reflective (not white, but dark) it might have a chance of working.