Added by lotfi hannachi 5 months ago

Hi ....
The camera object detection window for pixymon is blurry ...
What do I do ...???

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RE: PixyMon - Added by Edward Getz 5 months ago

Hello Iotfi,
Hmm, that's odd. The picture appears out of focus, but more importantly, there isn't enough light. It almost looks like the lens cap is on or perhaps you are using an IR-lock version of Pixy with the IR bandpass filter. Where did you get your Pixy?

Here are some other things you can try:


Also try increasing the "Camera Brightness" adjustment:


Let me know what you find.


RE: PixyMon - Added by lotfi hannachi 5 months ago

Hello ms Edward ...
thank you for your attention ...
I bought pixy from Italy ...
I turn the lens for pixy the picture is clear ... But when connected two connectors for servo-motor The picture becomes blurred ...

RE: PixyMon - Added by Edward Getz 4 months ago

Hello Lotfi,
The servos aren't supported when Pixy is connected to the LEGO EV3 or NXT brick. There isn't enough power available. Some users have been able to use the EV3 brick with servos, but it's not recommended. (sorry)