problems with running demos

Added by Leo M 28 days ago

I'm having the same problems with running the demos as described here
I built the cable following your instructions, set the interface as LEGOi2c with the standard baudrate and run the default program while pixy is connected to lego and usb PC port; and yet still "the object does not appear on the EV3 screen, just a crescent in the top right hand corner. When I try the chase program, the EV3 just continues forward, and when I run the track program, it just goes in circles."
I taught pixy to recognize a red bar and it is working, but when it come to lego, nothing.
I have windows 10 on my laptop, the ev3 firmware is 1.09 and pixy is 1.3A
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for you amazing work and for every hints to solve my issues.

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RE: problems with running demos - Added by Edward Getz 28 days ago

Hello Leo,
This is a good program to test your cable, etc:

Please go through it step by step. In particular, make sure you follow step 6.


RE: problems with running demos - Added by Robin Max 2 days ago

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