CMUcam4 GUI - not responding !

Added by Mickaël BELLEGO over 1 year ago

Hello everyone !

I'm working on a project using an Arduino UNO and the CMUcam4. My goal is to track a yellow object. Trouble is, I need to define thresholds (RED_MIN, RED_MAX, GREEN_MIN, GREEN_MAX, BLUE_MIN, BLUE_MAX in the ColorTrackingTemplate) and I think the only way to do that (and to do it well) is to use the CMUcam4 GUI to see what the CMUcam sees and to retrieve the values I need.

To do so, I bought a FTDI cable as suggested in the wiki. Its name in ebay is "6pin FTDI FT232RL USB to Serial adapter module USB TO TTL RS232 Arduino Cable". But while I had repeatedly errors "CMUcam4 is not responding" in the GUI, I realised the colors of the wires are not the same as what I see on the internet (like, black for GND,...). I took a picture of the wires so that you can see by yourself. Is it the reason why it's not working ? I checked the drivers; it says that "the best drivers are already installed". Moreover, when the FTDI cable is plugged into the CUMcam4, a "COM5" serial port appears in the arduino IDE, so the cable is at least working a little bit.

Thank you for your help and I apologize for the english mistakes you could find in my message.


EDIT : I added a better-resolution picture but somehow I can't delete the old one, sorry for that