Alternative Direct Access Firmware

Added by Kwabena Agyeman about 7 years ago

Hey everybody,

I've developed a nice little piece of alternative CMUcam4 firmware that will allow you to do a lot of image manipulation that you cannot do on the CMUcam4 regularly. In particular, this firmware will allow you to save a 128x96 gray scale image in the CMUcam4 RAM. You can update the image at 30 FPS and preform frame differencing and frame averaging. Additionally, the firmware will also give you a histogram of the image and allow you to segment the image into a binary bitmap using extremely flexible thresholding settings. You'll find a more detailed explanation in the code about the features.

Note that the firmware is lightly tested. If you find some problems please try to fix them yourself. The top object of the SPIN code and the Arduino code is extremely simple. The actual work horse code in the CMUcam4 that does the image manipulation stuff is more thoroughly tested - I wrote that for this project. So, if you encounter any communication problems, you can likely easily fix them yourself (Basically I'm saying that I'm not going to provide help support for this firmware for lazy programmers o_O).

Please see the firmware loading manual for how to program the new firmware and revert to the old firmware if you want. (62.5 kB)

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RE: Alternative Direct Access Firmware - Added by Kwabena Agyeman over 5 years ago

Attached is a new version of this firmware that outputs the internal frame buffer to the TV as a 2-bit grey scale image. Call the loadFrame() function to update the image on the TV. loadFrame() must be called at least once to see an image on the TV. The default output mode is NTSC. This can be changed easily to PAL in the top object file in the firmware.

RE: Alternative Direct Access Firmware - Added by Kwabena Agyeman over 5 years ago

Here's a binary that just outputs the grey scale video and nothing else.