Proof of concept - 30 FPS firmware

Added by Kwabena Agyeman over 8 years ago

Hi all,

I've been working on getting the 30 FPS firmware up and running. I still have a lot of work to do before it will be ready for the rest of the website. The firmware works the same as the previous versions. It just runs at 30 FPS. Right now I don't have 160x120 working yet. I need to do some multiprocessing stuff to get that going. (It's kinda hard...).

Anyway, right now it runs at 160x60. You'll notice in the video output that only half the screen is taken up by the tracking visualization feedback. Other than that detail it should look and feel the same... except for that the streaming commands spit out 30 packets a second now.

This is actually a problem, for the low resolution binary bitmap line mode feature. Not enough serial bandwidth to transmit the image at 30 FPS. I'll have to work something out for this.

BTW: The camera cannot go any faster than 30 FPS. We are maxing the system out now. This was the whole idea from the start. Due to the sheer amount of work it has been to get this project developed we choose to just go with a lower FPS to get everything running rather than hammer on getting 30 FPS operational. (It was actually very easy once the system was synchronized... I thought it would be much harder).

Note: The "TW" (Track Window) function doesn't seem to be working all to well right now, due to only half the image being there. Again, the firmware is not complete or really tested that much at all. Use the ST or TC functions to track a color and see the output on the TV screen. You can use the method described here to pick the right color values.

I'll keep updating this post with new snap shots as I get more stuff done. Enjoy,


! - 30 FPS Firmware (93.1 kB)

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