Questions about cMUcam5

Added by Piero Cabassa about 5 years ago

Hello and congratulation for your wonderfull new cam!
I've some questions about it.
1) What are the better condition of light to work with the cam? I work in a dark room, I can use led light (blue, red and green), but if I will not use led, with low light, how the cam will work?
2) Reading the wiki I've seen the cam is also a range sensor but I don't understand exactly how it works. This function can be used in a dark room?

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RE: Questions about cMUcam5 - Added by Rich LeGrand about 5 years ago

Hi Piero,
Pixy's image sensor has an "extended exposure mode" where it can see well in very little light. Nothing is free though--- in this mode the framerate can go down to as low as 10 frames per second. I'm not sure if this answers #1.

We mentioned in the wiki that you could alternatively flash the bright LED on and off and take the difference in frames to estimate distance. Regions with a large difference in light intensity would be closer (because they would be illuminated the greatest by the LED). As a range sensor it wouldn't be a very good one, but we thought it was an interesting idea--- might give someone some ideas.


RE: Questions about cMUcam5 - Added by Piero Cabassa about 5 years ago

Thanks for the response!

In the future, CMUcam5 will be able to recognize human? Whit face recognition and to track a body, like a Kinect (+ or -)?

RE: Questions about cMUcam5 - Added by Scott Robinson almost 5 years ago

Hi Piero,

In case you were still wondering about the facial recognition, please see the FAQ on the Kickstarter page. I don't think this will include any body tracking, although that's not to say someone won't implement it in the future.