Cpature Infrared Data Using Pixy

Added by zafar shaikh over 1 year ago


I want to take infrared images of various raw material so that they can be identified based on there spectral response in IR spectrum range.

when i tried this with normal webcam by replacing ir block filter with IR pass filter so that only IR waves are captured but the image contains the RGB data also with infrared data mixed so the material looks according to there colour and not through infrared signature.

can i use pixy cam with IR LOCK filter, lense and firmware so that the images taken are according to the IR signature of material only and not the colour.

thank you

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RE: Cpature Infrared Data Using Pixy - Added by Jesse French over 1 year ago

Hi Zafar,

just to make sure - what I read is that you are trying to view objects only in infrared, without the visible spectrum.

I'm not sure that the IR-LOCK kit filters out visible light - try getting in touch with them to see: