Pixy potentially dead

Added by Brandon Crecco almost 2 years ago

So I've been using a PixyCam in a project with an Arduino Mega 2560 over an I2C communications channel. It's worked great for the past few weeks, but now when I plug into my laptop neither my Windows device manager nor PixyMon is able to recognize the device. When plugged into a powersource the LED turns a bright white light and remains steady and on. Useful information is not passed to the Arduino either.

I'm not able to flash new firmware onto the Pixy device.

I tried using a different PixyCam with my arduino (a friend's), and this time it only took one attempt at running the code for the same symptoms to arise in this new Pixy.

Any ideas as to what could have happened? And are these two PixyCam's salvageable?

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RE: Pixy potentially dead - Added by Edward Getz almost 2 years ago

Hello Brandon,
Sorry for the problems. We'll have someone from support contact you.