Pixy not returning blocks when battery is on

Added by Thomas Haladjian almost 2 years ago

Hi, I'm having a problem with my pixy. It's connected with the provided SPI cable to an arduino mega, which is connected to a 7.4 V battery. I've tried it with both the hello_world code as well as my own, and each time it works somewhat fine until I turn on the battery to get the motors running. Also, a "cs error" appears on the serial monitor

Would someone know what causes this?

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RE: Pixy not returning blocks when battery is on - Added by Edward Getz almost 2 years ago

Hello Thomas,
It sounds like your motor might be loading your battery and possibly causing the supply voltage to drop below 5V for either your Arduino, Pixy, or both. This page has some notes regarding powering Pixy:


In particular, this guide explains that your Arduino might have trouble powering your Pixy, but your Pixy will have no problems powering your Arduino. So we recommend supplying the 7.4V into the Pixy's power connector and using the Arduino cable to power your Arduino from Pixy.

Hope this helps!