Cannot install windows driver

Added by todd liang 6 months ago

Hi, I just bought this Pixy 5 camera. I installed PixyMon. I plug in the camera to my laptop via usb cable. I can see Pixy at other devices in Device Manager:

I'm using windows 10 home edition, no anti virus is running.

Then I Click update driver, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\PixyMon\driver, click next, it shows me error: A problem was encountered while attempting to add the driver to the store.

From what I can see, the driver signing certificate is expired, I think most likely this is the cause of my issue, do you have an updated version of this driver which been signed by a valid certificate?

Or is there any workaround about his?

Please help.

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RE: Cannot install windows driver - Added by Edward Getz 5 months ago

Hello Todd,
Hmm, that's odd. We'll look into this and try to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Just to be sure, you installed PixyMon 2.0.9, correct?

Since the driver is timestamped, the date shouldn't matter. Microsoft may have deprecated support for sha1 certificates in the latest Win10 update though.


RE: Cannot install windows driver - Added by todd liang 5 months ago


Thanks for your reply, yes this is the version I'm trying to install.

The certificate you used to sign the drive is expired, I think you need to renew your certificate and re-sign the driver with new certificate. And then release a new package.

RE: Cannot install windows driver - Added by Jesse French 5 months ago

Hi Todd,
Can you please give this driver a try? It has been signed with SHA1 and SHA2 encryption.