Power/current consumption of pixy

Added by raghu tumati over 1 year ago

I need to use the Pixy for mobile applications and very concerned about the power consumption. I know the ARM M4 cortex micro that is being used will definitely have one a sleep/standby state where the current consumption is ~ uA. So my question is whether the module can be woken up from these deep sleep states using an external interrupt.
The reason I ask is that only a few GPIO pins are broken out in the pixy module and curious if any of these can be used to wake the module up using a high/low GPIO signal.
Also, does anyone know if this is already in the source code to place it in this deep sleep/standby state?
What is the current consumption of the pixy module in these states?


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RE: Power/current consumption of pixy - Added by Edward Getz over 1 year ago

Hello Raghu,
Pixy doesn't have a sleep state supported in its latest firmware. Pixy typically consumes about 130-150 mA.