Pixy Power Requirements

Added by Ben Hutchinson 11 months ago


I am working on a project where I am planning on powering the from a external power source. My power systems lead was wondering what the acceptable ripple on the 5V line is. Will a ripple of ~ 300 mV damage the Pixy? If so, how small does the ripple need to be?


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RE: Pixy Power Requirements - Added by Edward Getz 11 months ago

Hello Ben,
That's a good question. I'm told that there hasn't been much testing with regard to ripple. Pixy's processor runs on 3.3V, so that's the important voltage and hence the important regulator -- the 5V to 3.3V regulator. This regulator should be able to deal with 300mV of ripple just fine. (I'm guessing) You should give it a try. If the ripple is too great, such that it exceeds 6.0V, Pixy might indeed become damaged though, so you should make sure the voltage looks decent before hooking it into PIxy's 5V rail. If the ripple leads to the 5V rail falling below 4.0V, it will likely affect the reliability of Pixy's operation because the 5V to 3.3V regulator will brown-out some.

Hope this helps!