Trouble with editing the OrCAD DSN file

Added by K V 10 months ago

Preface: I am familiar with OrCAD, but I am by no means an experienced user.

My goal is to separate the optical sensor and the main board into two pieces so I can place the camera in one place and the main board in another. Therefore, I tried playing around with the provided DSN file in OrCAD.

I successfully edited the schematic and updated the PCB footprints, but when I tried to create a netlist I got a few errors (ORCAP - 36055) saying there were illegal characters.

I narrowed the problem down to the design cache, where there were parts libraries for circuit components (i.e. OV9715, LN01801C, LM1117) that Charmed Labs only has.

My questions are:
Is there a way to obtain or replace these libraries?
Should I even bother (is there a better way to edit the PCB layout)?

I greatly appreciate any help given.

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RE: Trouble with editing the OrCAD DSN file - Added by Edward Getz 10 months ago

I'm putting in a request to our engineer. I don't deal with these things myself.