In need of Hardware info

Added by Paul Forsans 12 months ago

Hey i can't find a proper datasheet, and i need Pixy CMUCam5's max values.

I'm not sure but from my testing max X value is 320, max Y is 200.
And i've looked in Pixy.h due to curiosity, and with x,y,width,height there was another variable called angle. Since all blocks are rectangles what does it mean ?

Also i'd like to know how does it find the X or Y value of a block. Is it from the center of the block ? or maybe from the bottom left corner like a graph ?

Thanks in advance

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RE: In need of Hardware info - Added by Edward Getz 12 months ago

Hello Paul,
You are correct, the max X value is 319 and the may Y is 199. The angle is used with color codes

Only color coded blocks return the angle.

The X, Y location is from the center of the block.

Hope this helps!