Building PixyMon

Added by Joel Pryde about 4 years ago

I've been trying to build PixyMon from source but it seems like some source files are missing. I was able to find a version of libusb that seemed to make it happy but more troubling is the missing ui_configdialog.h and ui_about.h header files (and I'm assuming corresponding cpp files). Would it be possible to upload these to the git repo?

Also, since there is no real windows API it would be really handy to have a Visual Studio project for PixyMon so that it is possible to try to reverse engineer the protocol to talk with Pixy over USB. Unfortunately as it currently stands Pixy is not particularly useful over USB with the complete lack of software support.


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RE: Building PixyMon - Added by Edward Getz over 1 year ago

Hello Pei,
That message is more of a warning and is likely not to cause any real harm. Are you committed to Qt 5.7? Have you tried Qt 5.2 or 4.8?


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