Shivering Object

Added by Jan Kromhout over 5 years ago

I have make a test rig, servos are controlled external.
The Pixy camera and object are fixed (blue Lego Ball) in the middle of the screen.
When I look to the object it is shivering (the x,y values are changed).
Is this a normal situation, or can I changed some for me unknown parameters to get
a steady object.

Thanks for any help, and a happy new Year.

Jan Kromhout

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RE: Shivering Object - Added by Scott Robinson over 5 years ago

Hi Jan,

How much are the x,y values shivering? If it is just a small amount then this is considered normal operation. Between successive frames some pixel values will change slightly. This is due to imperfections in the image sensor, small changes in lighting, and other factors. In one frame some pixels may be just out of the bounds in which they'd be matched to a signature, and the next frame they might change just enough to be considered in the signature. This is usually the case for pixels on the edge of an object.

Happy new year!