Pixy Object proximity

Added by Connor Mann over 1 year ago


I am using the pixy to work as a proximity sensor while using an Arduino as the controller. I want the Arduino to send a signal to a motor once the objects are detected to be in close proximity. Originally i used to colour codes so a block was detected as the items became close and then used the code (when block>1 motor off). However this approach seems to be quite temperamental and now wish to detect item A and item B and then have code that will detect when these are in proximity. What would be the best way to do this? I have attached a picture to show how the objects look.

Any help appreciated,

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RE: Pixy Object proximity - Added by Edward Getz over 1 year ago

Hello Connor,
Do you want to detect when the objects are close to each other? Or do you want to detect when they are close to Pixy? Pixy doesn't provide distance information, but you can use the width*height (size) to infer the distance to Pixy.

Hope this helps!