Pixycam startup program

Added by David White 11 months ago

Hello i would like to edit built in pixy program pan/tilt demo to move 2 servos (left/right wheels) instead of pan/tilt platform.
Is that possible? Which file in 'src/device/main_m4/src/' is doing pan/tilt demo thing in PixyMon?

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RE: Pixycam startup program - Added by Edward Getz 11 months ago

Hello Dawid,
Sure, it should be possible :) The file is ptprog.cpp, but this demo is running as part of the Pixy firmware. It's probably difficult to modify the Pixy firmware (requires a special compiler, etc.) There is another way to run a pan/tilt demo through an Arduino, by running the Arduino pan/tilt demo. The advantage of this demo is that it's easier to change, compile, etc. It would be a good start. Here is the source:


but it's part of the Arduino library.