Color light detection

Added by Pabasara Tharindu Dayawansha Bandara about 1 year ago

I use pixy cam5 to detect the different color lights. I tried to lower down the brightness but the LED appears to be reflecting in the camera which shows like waves and it will detect 2 colours at the same time. What i want is each individual colour.

For the camera wise, i cant seems to focus it clearly. it is always blur.

What am i suppose to do. Please advice.

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RE: Color light detection - Added by Jesse French about 1 year ago


to focus Pixy, simply screw the lens in or out to adjust focus.

I'm not sure I understand your first question, but it sounds like you need to adjust the Signature Tuning sliders in PixyMon preferences. Here's a guide on how best to do this:

Hope this helps!