Distance and ordinary object detection

Added by julien pirot 12 months ago

Just looking at the Pixy camera to use on an autonomous robot.
Is it possible to use the camera to measure distances from a certain object?
Also wondering whether detection of ordinary coloured objects ( for example; wood, metal) is possible for avoidance control on the vehicle?
One last thing,is it possible to add fonctionality into the code given by the pixy library,such as pick up the object after recognising it with the pixy camera?

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RE: Distance and ordinary object detection - Added by Edward Getz 12 months ago

Hello Julien,
Pixy isn't a distance sensor, but you can infer distance. This thread provides some ideas:;


Pixy uses color cues to detect objects. In general the objects need to have a decent hue. Objects that are brown, silver, black or white don't have much distinct hue, unfortunately.

Pixy's main function is sensing. Manipulating objects is something your robot will need to do :)