Pixy interaction with ROS

Added by Luciano Silveira about 3 years ago

Hello I want to integrate Pixy with ROS and found two nodes based on this link



So far both are working (tested with ROS Kinetic on top of a rpi 3) but exclusively, the erle one publishes Image data and the pixy_ros the detected blocks.

Is there a way to integrate both; I need both nodes running within ROS, so far I get an error when the second node tries to connect to USB.

When erle_pixy is the second one

void PixyCam::run()
void PixyCam::checkCamera()
runtime_error: Unable to open USB device.

and When pixy_ros is the second one

[FATAL] [1504966598.824200080]: PixyNode - PixyNode - Failed to open with the USB error -6!
[FATAL] [1504966598.824393934]: BREAKPOINT HIT
file = /home/pi/catkin_ws/src/pixy_ros/src/pixy_node.cpp

Any comment would be appreciated, regards

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RE: Pixy interaction with ROS - Added by Jesse French about 3 years ago

Hi Luciano,

unfortunately we don't have a ton of experience with ROS - here are some threads I found from users here who have gotten it working:




It sounds like maybe what you need to do is combine the code from both the nodes you're working with into a single node.

Hope this helps!