Need help with code

Added by Jose Salazar about 3 years ago

I'm trying to have my Pixy cam follow an IR blob
I can't seem to get it to track anything, not sure where I'm going wrong
I'm using a motor to rotate a base that the Pixy sits on, powered by an Arduino
If anyone can let me know where I'm going wrong, please let me know


#include <Pixy.h>
#include <PixyI2C.h>
#include <PixySPI_SS.h>
#include <TPixy.h>

#include <SPI.h>

Pixy pixy;

int signature = 0;
int x = 0; //positon x axis
int y = 0; //position y axis
unsigned int width = 0; //object's width
unsigned int height = 0; //object's height
unsigned int area = 0;
unsigned int newarea = 0;
int Xmin = 70; //min x position
int Xmax = 200; //max x position
int maxArea = 0;
int minArea = 0;
int motor1 = 3; //motor1 on Pin 3
int enable1 = 4; //direction1 on Pin 4
int Speed = 10; //speed for motor
static int i = 0;

void setup() {
pinMode(motor1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(enable1, OUTPUT);

void loop() {

void right();//turn right {
digitalWrite(motor1, HIGH);

void left();//turn left {
digitalWrite(motor1, -HIGH);

void Stop();//stop {
digitalWrite(enable1, LOW);

void scan(); {
uint16_t blocks;
blocks = pixy.getBlocks(); //receive data from pixy
signature = pixy.blocks[i].signature; //get object's signature
x = pixy.blocks[i].x; //get x position
y = pixy.blocks[i].y; //get y position
width = pixy.blocks[i].width; //get width
height = pixy.blocks[i].height; //get height

static int i = 0;
int j;
uint16_t blocks;
char buf32;
blocks = pixy.getBlocks();

if (blocks) {i++;

if (i%50==0) {
sprintf(buf, "Detected %d:\n", blocks);
for (j=0; j<blocks; j++) {
sprintf(buf, " block %d: ", j);

while(millis()<10000) {
area = width * height; //calculate the object area
maxArea = area + 1000;
minArea = area - 1000;}

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RE: Need help with code - Added by Edward Getz about 3 years ago

It looks like you started with the hello_world example, but I can't quite understand your code. There are several problems though. I think you are trying to define functions here (for example, right()):

 void right();//turn right {
digitalWrite(motor1, HIGH);

But the semicolon turns it into a declaration. Also, defining functions inside other functions (here, loop()) is unusual.


RE: Need help with code - Added by Jose Salazar about 3 years ago

I do need to touch up the parenthesis ect.
But I am unsure if I am even on the correct path, any suggestions on writing a simple following code with "if" "else" statements