I can't get blocks IR

Added by Mich Bar 12 months ago

Hi all,

I try to code software to get camera's stream and track IR in USB with IR-lock module like Pixymon. Get stream it's ok, but I can't get point signature of IR. If I push the white button that's create one block, but it's a default value and had nonsense. I get stream in BC81, i thinks i need get CCB2 but i don't know how.

Can you help me?

firmware 1.01 : https://irlock.readme.io/docs/firmwaresoftware-links

PixyCamera.cpp (4.7 kB)

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RE: I can't get blocks IR - Added by Jesse French 12 months ago

Hi Mich,

sorry, this is a question for the IR-Lock folks, they are a separate company from us and maintain their own firmware. Thanks!


RE: I can't get blocks IR - Added by Thomas Stone 11 months ago

Hi Mich,

Let me know if you still have a question. Send more info to thomas a t irlock.com.