PixyCam and Python Question

Added by Ro Aki almost 3 years ago


I was wondering if the pixycam current library works with Python3.5 or Python 3.6. The library I'm referring to is the


Is the swig library and other dependencies only for Python 2 - 2.7? I want to know before I start my machine with a language interpreter
of Python 2 or Python 3.

I searched around the web and couldn't find a clear answer if Python3 would work. I need Python3 for other libraries and it's functionality with scheduling, tasks, and another library that only works with Python3.

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RE: PixyCam and Python Question - Added by Edward Getz almost 3 years ago

Hello Ro,
The Pixy Python support should work with either Python2 or 3, although I think Python3 is what most people use.

Hope this helps!