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Added by Anthony Barrionuevo almost 3 years ago

Hi guys!

I have been reading in the forum that I can get a image from PixyMon, I've also read in a previous post how to get the image by code, but by proving it I can only get a grayscale image, my 2 questions are:

Question 1: Which file does PixyMon use to obtain the image?
Question 2: Do I need some additional command to obtain the image in some appreciable format (JPG or PNG)?

I have started a project in which you need to take a image to get the colors and make different comparisons.

Sorry, my English is bad

Thanks in advance! Anthony Barrionuevo

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RE: Save Image with Pixy - Added by Edward Getz almost 3 years ago

Hello Anthony,

These links might help (grabbing an image from Pixymon):

Grabbing an image from libpixyusb running on a Linux computer/micro:

Hope this helps!