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Added by Avery Akins 9 months ago

Hey guys! I just ordered a Pixycam for a school project and was having trouble with the Arduino coding. Mainly because I'm a pretty much a beginner and all of the commands are overwhelming.

So I was wondering if I could help with making a very basic sketch that will be the basis of my project. I want to teach the Pixy a color then have an LED blink when it sees that color.

Eventually, later on I would like the Pixy to be able to recognize a specific number of pixels or shapes and emit a similar response with the LED.

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RE: Fresh Out The Box Help - Added by Edward Getz 9 months ago

Hello Avery,
Have you been able to get the hello_world example working with your Arduino and Pixy? This page is a good starting point:

Probably the best path is to take the hello_world example and try to modify it, experiment with it. Here is more information on the Arduino API:

It includes some functions to control the LED.

Hope this helps!