Max block size

Added by Tobias Callister 12 months ago

I've been playing around with the CMUCam5 for a while and have an idea for a project.
For this I would need the cam to distinguish multiple balls of the same colour. When the balls are positioned diagonally, it has no problem identifying them.
However as soon as two balls are in close proximity, the cam merges them and creates one large block. I have played around with the signature configurations and some work better than others, but if I was able to set a max block area, that would make the system a lot more reliable.
I have seen the min block area parameter, but unfortunately I can't find one for max block area.

Is there an easy way to do this? Or do I have to get into the firmware code for that?
Thanks in advance for the help!

Untitled.jpg - You can see on the top it works perfectly, on the bottom it groups them together (358 kB)

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RE: Max block size - Added by Edward Getz 12 months ago

Hello Tobias,
Pixy will tend to merge objects that are close together in the image. I'll ask around and see if we can introduce this as a configurable parameter (the minimum merging distance). Thanks for the message :)


RE: Max block size - Added by Tobias Callister 12 months ago

Hi Edward,

Yes, that would be great!
Thanks a bunch!