pixy and opencv

Added by JP B. over 2 years ago


I have pixy cam / raspberry pi 3 /SSD 240GB

opencv / tensorflow python/c++

My question is

Pixy support opencv library python/c++ lib ? i dont saw so much in wiki, the main application and data will be processed on raspberry, seem pixy not able to take program to big.

i dont want use color recognition

i want use recognition with opencv, seem not complexe because using simple api

i want use neural network and tensorflow for train / predict image
for identify object or face


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RE: pixy and opencv - Added by Jesse French over 2 years ago

Hi JP,

Pixy is not designed for use as a webcam. Buying a simple webcam to use with OpenCV would be much easier for your project.

Hope this helps!


RE: pixy and opencv - Added by JP B. over 2 years ago

Thanks for your answer,

It is not posssible to use simply pixy like webcam and disable tracking for manage with its own intelligence program ?

i saw some program pixy with opencv done.

For my view, that limit strongly the usage of pixy potential for the developper and labs and lot of people can do this mistake for build some point of concept for image analysis.

I have aleady other cam but they are static, i was interessted by pixy mainly by the tilt & pan connected directly on pixy board et un pilotage via usb ce qui simple la connectique. for basic usage, and some framework api integrated in pixy was also interessting.

I will check what i can do with pixy and see for another solution if pixy cam cannot work for my needs, may be later a pro version working with opencv if you make one in the future

RE: pixy and opencv - Added by Jesse French over 2 years ago

Hey JP,

unfortunately it's not possible to disable Pixy's intelligence. Pixy is custom designed and optimized to perform color tracking, working within tight memory and hardware constraints in order to make a commercially viable product. All the image processing is handled by our custom algorithm and pipeline to get the images to PixyMon / data to your controller.

Sorry this doesn't suit your needs!