Basic problem - Pixymon no longer running

Added by Fergus Taylor over 2 years ago


Pixy newbie........

On a Windows 7 PC I successfully installed Pixymon, downloaded new firmware to the camera and began to teach it. It was going so well...............
Now when I try to start Pixymon no window appears but it shows up as a process on the PC (that I can't stop!).
Also, the connected Pixy camera shows an initial bright white LED which burns for about 30s then it diminishes to a dim flickering LED.
I have tried reloading the software and I know the USB port and cable are fine as use them (just now) to run a PIC programmer.

Any ideas? Is the software start, connection, Pixy power up sequence rigid i.e. one must be done before the other?


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RE: Basic problem - Pixymon no longer running - Added by Jesse French over 2 years ago

Hey Fergus,

sorry you're having trouble! Hmmm, this one is odd. If you start PixyMon without Pixy being connected to the computer, what happens?

Do you have access to a different computer that you can try?


RE: Basic problem - Pixymon no longer running - Added by Fergus Taylor over 2 years ago

Hi Jesse

Thanks for your reply.

OK moving to a new PC (identical build to the other), and just to clarify on the previous PC even after unistall/reinstall Pixymon wouldn't do anything other than load as an unstoppable process with no window. Pixymon and the drivers have successfully installed and both the software and Pixy are running happily. To be honest I doubt either of us is surprised that a fresh build would do this.

If I run Pixymon WITHOUT Pixy attached the program loads and the bottom dialogue has the message 'error: No Pixy devices have been detected'.

A) any ideas as to what might have caused the previous installation to become unstable. Is there a rigid connection/disconnection process - such as Pixymon on, Pixy attached. Pixymon off, Pixy detached?? Would for example ripping Pixy out with the software running provoke serious problems?
B) How do I properly delete the software off the original PC.

many thanks