Firmware Compilation Issue

Added by b p over 2 years ago

I'm a little new to firmware development, so I'd appreciate your help (and patience). I opened the Pixy firmware in uvision (installed from the MDK-lite version), and compiled the four projects in order (libpixy_m4, libpixy_m0, main_m0, then main_m4). The first three projects compiled without errors, but the last project compiled with 575 errors. It seems the same error was repeated for many different objects. Does anyone know how to correct the error below?

Object startup_lpc43xx_m4.o contains Build Attributes that are incompatible with the provided attributes.
Tag_FP_arch = VFPv4 instructions were permitted, but only citing registers D0-D15 (=6)
Tag_ABI_HardFP_use = This code should execute on the single-precision variant derived from Tag_FP_arch (=1)
Tag_FP_HP_extension = Use of the optional half-precision extension to VFPv3/Advanced SIMDv1 was permitted (=1)

Thanks for your help!

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RE: Firmware Compilation Issue - Added by Edward Getz over 2 years ago

I don't believe the MDK-lite version will compile the firmware (it's too big).

You might consider joining the Firmware SDK group:!forum/pixy_firmware_sdk

Hope this helps!


RE: Firmware Compilation Issue - Added by b p over 2 years ago

I think you're right. I downloaded version 4 of uvision, and it didn't compile because the program was too large for the free version. I didn't run into any of the errors I saw before.