Someone working on a Pixy Simulator?

Added by Olaf Lampe over 2 years ago

Hi all,
I just registered ( thanks Jerry ) and want to suggest writing on a Pixy-simulator. IMHO it should generate a Pixy look_alike datastream over SPI or USB without the need of a Pixy. It is meant to test our own algorithm in terms of max. object speed, max. object number,false_negative and false_positive data.

I want to have a user friendly interface, where I can define objects ( signature, size, start/end location, speed, path ) and then stray some false readings into the datastream.

The goal is to optimize my first project code to be bullet prove. ( a lawn mower controlled by Pixy over WiFi )

Anyone interested in collaboration? ( for the simulator )
Is it worth starting a github group?

Best regards