CMUcam4 Arduino Interface Library  For Firmware Versions 1.00 - 1.03
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CMUcam4_histogram_data_64_t Struct Reference

CMUcam4 64-bin histogram structure. More...

#include <CMUcam4.h>

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Public Attributes

uint8_t bins [CMUCAM4_HD_64_T_LENGTH]
 64-bin histogram array.

Detailed Description

CMUcam4 64-bin histogram structure.

The sum of all the bins is less than or equal to 255. Each bin contains the percentage (0 to 255) of pixels in the image that fell within that bin. E.g. Each bin in a 64-bin histogram represents 4 pixel values.

For example:
{ bin0[0 - 3], bin1[4 - 7], ..., bin63[252 - 255] }
See also:
CMUcam4::getHistogram(int channel, int bins)
CMUcam4::getTypeHDataPacket(CMUcam4_histogram_data_64_t * pointer)

Definition at line 942 of file CMUcam4.h.

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