CMUcam4 Arduino Interface Library  For Firmware Versions 1.00 - 1.03
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CMUcam4_image_data_t Struct Reference

CMUcam4 binary bitmap structure. More...

#include <CMUcam4.h>

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Public Attributes

uint8_t pixels [CMUCAM4_ID_T_LENGTH]
 The binary bitmap array.

Detailed Description

CMUcam4 binary bitmap structure.

The binary bitmap is 80x60 pixels where each pixel is one bit. A 0 bit represents an untracked pixel. A 1 bit represents a tracked pixel. Basic frame differencing can be accomplished by post processing the binary bitmap among other interesting things. The binary bitmap has 4,800 pixels contained in 600 bytes. The MSB of every byte is the left most pixel while the LSB is the right most pixel.

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