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h1. Downloads
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h3. *User's Manual* 
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The "CMUcam User's Manual": v2.00 for firmware v1.12 is available in PDF form. It contains a parts list, board schematic and software protocol description. Manuals for older versions of the firmware can be found here: "v1.11":, "v1.1":, "v1.0":
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If you decide to experiment with changing the camera register settings you might also be interested in downloading the "OV6620 Camera Manual": from "OmniVision":
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h3. Building the Board
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If you are building it yourself from scratch, you will need to download this "HEX Code File": (containing the latest firmware v1.12) to program the SX28 chip.  This is the code which implements the functionality and the serial protocol described in the manual. You can obtain the SX-Key downloader application from Parallax Inc. Older versions of the firmware can be found here: "v1.11":, "v1.1":, "v1.0": 
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NOTE: Anyone who wishes to build the CMUcam1 for commercial purposes must contact us to secure a royalty-based license agreement.
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h3. Java Interface Programs
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We have an open source Java program that you can download to interface with and test your CMUcam1. This interface program allows you to track objects, analyze data and grab complete CMUcam1 images. Here are screenshots of this interface. 
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This is a zipped JAVA project written for Linux.
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This is the beta version of a new GUI that auto-detects your OS. It runs under unix systems that support serial IO as if it were a file (such as Linux), as well as Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP. We recommend using at least a Pentium 2 400mHz running Java 1.2.2 or higher. 
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To see examples of C code for the Cerebellum microprocessor and the BotBall handyboard communicating with the CMucam, go to this web page. 
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h3. Schematic 
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Here is a high resolution jpeg of the current CMUcam Schematic (board version 1.23). 
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h3. Firmware Source Code  
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If you want the CMUcam firmware source code for hobby purposes, email us at and introduce yourself! If you are a company and are interested in using the CMUcam system commercially, contact us for licensing details. 
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Before asking about the source code you might be interested in downloading the SX28 Processor Manual (local mirror) from Ubicom.