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The CMUcam2 is now available for sale from our licensees and distributors: Seattle Robotics (USA), Acroname (USA), and Lextronic (France). CMUcam2 accessories are becoming available as well. A CMUcam2 turret is now available at The Robotics Connection.

The CMUcam2 has the following capabilities:

  • Track user defined color blobs at up to 50 Frames Per Second (frame rate depends on resolution and window size settings)
  • Track motion using frame differencing at 26 Frames Per Second
  • Find the centroid of any tracking data
  • Gather mean color and variance data
  • Gather a 28 bin histogram of each color channel
  • Process Horizontally Edge Filtered Images
  • Transfer a real-time binary bitmap of the tracked pixels in an image
  • Arbitrary image windowing
  • Image Down Sampling
  • Adjust the camera's image properties
  • Dump a raw image (single or multiple channels)
  • Up to 176 x 255 Resolution
  • Supports baudrates of: 115,200 57,600 38,400 19,200 9,600 4,800 2,400 1,200
  • Control 5 servo outputs
  • Slave parallel image processing mode off of a single camera bus
  • Automatically use servos to do two axis color tracking
  • B/W Analog video output (PAL or NTSC, depending on camera module used)
  • Flexible output packet customization
  • Power Down Mode
  • Multiple pass image processing on a buffered image
  • Works with the newer OV7620 camera module
  • Yes, it is backward compatible with your current OV6620 camera module!

CMUcam2_A.JPG - Picture A (23.3 kB) Kwabena Agyeman, 03/14/2012 06:48 pm

CMUcam2_B.JPG - Picture B (26.3 kB) Kwabena Agyeman, 03/14/2012 07:27 pm

CMUcam2_C.JPG - Picture C (47.3 kB) Kwabena Agyeman, 03/15/2012 06:33 pm