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Adam Goode, 08/02/2010 09:17 pm
Remove dotnetfx.exe, this generates like 10 requests every second?!


Here you can find the latest stable release version of the CC3 code as local copies of any other useful software packages. For documentation please go to our Documentation page.

  • [attachment:cmucam3_install_r556.zip?format=raw CMUcam3 Install Software (194 MB)]
    • This zip contains all of the files needed for Windows and Linux and includes the checked out source.
    • Windows: Cygwin-Installer (with packages), arm-gcc, Philips-Flash utility, .NET Runtime, CMUcam3 frame grabber
    • Linux: arm-gcc compiled tar, LPC-isp Flash Utility
    • Cygwin source can be obtained through installer program (setup.exe)
    • Use this in conjunction with the SDK Install Guide
    • Last Updated: 12/29/2008
  • [attachment:cc3_r556.zip?format=raw CC3 Source Tree (2.1MB)]
    • This is snapshot of the latest stable CC3 source.
    • Rev 556 from 12/29/2008
  • [attachment:"CMUcam3 Frame Grabber.exe?format=raw" CMUcam3 Frame Grabber (60 KB)]
    • .NET GUI for grabbing images and testing basic CMUcam2 Emulation Functionality
    • For non-english Windows, try International Frame Grabber
  • [attachment:lpc2106_isp_aug_03.zip?format=raw Philips LPC Flash Utility Installer (2.0 MB)]
    • Windows flashing utility that allow you to download images to your CMUcam3
  • [attachment:cygwin-install.zip?format=raw Local Cygwin Installer (23.7 MB)]
    • Cygwin is the environment that allows you to do CMUcam3 development under windows
  • [attachment:lpc21isp_unix.zip?format=raw Linux LPC-ISP Installer (25.9 KB)]
    • Linux flashing utility
  • [attachment:cmucam2_lpc2106-cmucam3.hex?format=raw CMUcam2 Emulation HEX file (264.2 KB)]
    • Burn this image onto your CMUcam3 to emulate the CMUcam2
  • [attachment:lua-win-nofpu.zip?format=raw lua-win-nofpu.zip]
    • Luac compiled for Windows without floating point support
  • CMUcam2 GUI
    • If you are running in CMUcam2 emulation, this java gui can be used to test the camera

lpc2106_isp_aug_03.zip - Windows ISP Flash Utility (2 MB) Anthony Rowe, 02/11/2007 09:48 pm

lpc21isp_unix.zip - Martin Maurer's Unix / Cygwin Command Line ISP (25.9 kB) Anthony Rowe, 02/11/2007 09:51 pm

CMUcam3 Frame Grabber.exe (60 kB) Anthony Rowe, 02/27/2007 03:32 pm

cmucam2_lpc2106-cmucam3.hex (264.2 kB) Anthony Rowe, 02/28/2007 03:31 pm

lua-win-nofpu.zip - Lua for windows compiled for no floating point (186.9 kB) Anthony Rowe, 10/14/2007 07:41 pm

cc3.zip - CC3 source tree (Rev 549,10/26/2007) (2.1 MB) Anthony Rowe, 10/26/2007 05:04 pm

cc3_r556.zip - cc3 source tree r556 (2.1 MB) Anthony Rowe, 12/29/2008 01:31 pm

cmucam3_install_r556.zip (195.3 MB) Anthony Rowe, 02/07/2012 02:30 am