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Adam Goode, 04/14/2007 04:05 pm

MMC Card Slot
The MMC slot on the CMUcam3 can be used for Mass file storage.

Format the Memory Card using the FAT filesystem * DO NOT USE FAT32 which is the Windows Default

To setup the MMC and FAT filesystem, you need to call: {{{
// init filesystem driver
cc3_filesystem_init ();

MMC files required the "c:/" prefix in the name of the file you are trying to access. This indicates that you are writing to a File on the FAT file system located on the memory card.

FILE *fp;

// init filesystem driver
cc3_filesystem_init ();
// sample showing how to write to the MMC card
fp = fopen ("c:/test.txt", "w");
if (fp == NULL) {
perror ("fopen failed");
else {
fprintf( fp, "This is a test string we want to write to the file..." );
fclose (fp);

Like most standard implementations of fopen(), you can use r,w,a to read, write or append data.

The Following MMC cards are known to work with the CMUcam3 (r507 and later): * PQI 128MB * !SanDisk 1GB * Transcend 1GB (handles 96KB bursts, but very slow constant throughput 6KB/s!)

The Following MMC cards are known to have issues:

  • !SanDisk miniSD 256MB using SD Adapter