The new grabbing tool include two parts: the code running in cmucam3(Attachment cmucam3.rar) and the software running in PC. You should unzip "cmucam3.rar" and install it on your CMUcam3 first. And then you should download and un-rar "cmucam location.rar". You should be able to execute the software by double clicking on "cmucam location.exe".

The code running in cmucam3 is similiar to the code of cmucam2 project.The soft in PC is based on Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. The new tool includes not only the basic functions in "cmucam frame grabber", but also some new functions, such as "save bmp picture to mmc card","send bmp picture to pc". The command details show below :

return "" exit(mainly in virtual-cam)

debug "db" debug/no debug; save or not the result in mmc

reset "rs" reset the camera

get_version "gv" get version of code

capture_jpg "cj" send jpg picture to pc

capture_bmp "cb" send bmp picture to pc

save_bmp "sb" save bmp picture to mmc

save_jpg "sj" save jpg picture to mmc

save_ppm "sp" save ppm file to mmc

// same as cmucam2

hi_res "hr" set high/low resolution

camera_reg "cr" set color space

down_sample "ds" down sample

virtual_window "vw" virtual window

auto_white_balance "wb" set auto white balance

auto_exposure "ex" set auto exposure

brightness "bn" set brightness

contrast "ct" set contrast