Polly was a robot created at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Ian Horswill for his Ph.D. published in 1993. It was the first mobile robot to move at animal-like speeds (1m per second) using computer vision for its navigation. It was an example of behavior based robotics. Horswill's PhD supervisors were Rodney Brooks and Lynn Andrea Stein. For a few years, Polly was able to give tours of the AI laboratory's seventh floor, using canned speech to point out landmarks such as Anita Flynn's office. The Polly algorithm is a way to navigate in a cluttered space using very low resolution vision to find uncluttered areas to move forward into, assuming that the pixels at the bottom of the frame (the closest to the robot) show an example of an uncluttered area. Since this could be done 60 times a second, the algorithm only needed to discriminate three categories: telling the robot at each instant to go straight, towards the right or towards the left... (From Wikipedia Article)

For more information, check out Ian's paper Analysis of Adaptation and Environment

On the CMUcam3, Polly returns histograms that you can use for simple navigation.


Above are sample images of the polly algorithm running on the CMUcam3. The left column is the original image, the middle column is the filtered and edge detected image, and the final column shows the histogram. The algorithm is under the assumption that the area in front of the camera's view is mostly the same texture. This can be used for simple visual based obstacle avoidance or even navigation. Try making a robot that drives towards the largest peaks in the histogram.

The default CC3 polly project takes an image and returns a polly histogram in ASCII text. This can be viewed in a terminal set to 115200 baud, 8N1 with no flow control or hardware handshaking. To visualize the data try using the polly-cc2-gui project described below.

Visualizing Polly with the CMUcam2 GUI

The following zip file contains a version of polly that works with the CMUcam2 GUI. This implements the few commands required for the GUI to detect the camera and allow you to call the get histogram command. Only Get Histogram is implemented, so other CMUcam2 functions will not work correctly. To visualize polly, start up the CMUcam2 GUI and then go to the histogram tab and press "Get Histogram".

[polly-cc2-gui.zip CMUcam2 GUI Compatible Polly (40.0 kB)]
  • This is a firmware image that can test polly inside the CMUcam2 GUI

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