PPM-grab can be used to store raw images on the MMC card that can be used with the virtual-cam for testing algorithms.

Setting Up PPM-grab:

  • You will need the following:
    • CMUcam3, with power and a serial cable
    • MMC or SD card
    • MMC/SD card reader on your PC
  • Format the Memory Card using the FAT filesystem
    • DO NOT USE FAT32 which is the Windows Default
  • Flash the ppm-grab.hex firmware file onto the CMUcam
    • Go to the cc3/projects/ppm-grab directory
    • Type "make" to build the application
  • Turn off your CMUcam3 and bring it to the area that you want to monitor
  • Insert the MMC card and turn the CMUcam3 on
    • After 1 second, press the button on the CMUcam3 to take a picture
    • Make sure the led toggles after each press
      • if the led doesn't toggle, look at the serial output of the camera to see if an error is reported