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== Security-Cam ==
Security-cam continuously compares the previous image and the current image. If an images changes by more than a preset threshold, the image is saved as a jpeg to the MMC card. This is a great project to leave somewhere for a long time in hopes of finding an interesting surprise.

The release version of security-cam had a [wiki:Software-Problems bug] that has since been fixed. Attached below is an un updated firmware image and a replacement main.c file with the fix. The fix was committed into subversion at r503. revision 503.

'''Setting Up Security Cam'''
* You will need the following:
* CMUcam3, with power and a serial cable
* MMC or SD card
* MMC/SD card reader on your PC
* Format the Memory Card using the '''FAT filesystem'''
* DO NOT USE FAT32 which is the Windows Default
* Flash the security-cam.hex firmware file onto the CMUcam
* Turn off your CMUcam3 and bring it to the area that you want to monitor
* Insert the MMC card and turn the CMUcam3 on
* Make sure you see the red led blink if there is motion in front of the camera