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My flash download fails after it has started downloading
  • On some older computers we have noticed that you need to lower the baudrate to make downloading more reliable.
    Make - Command not found
  • This happens if the program "make" was not installed. When you install Cygwin, make sure to install all programs included in the local package.
    GCC - Command not found
  • The virtual-cam hal requires gcc for your local machine (opposed to the cmucam). If you installed cygwin, make sure you installed gcc-core. In linux, make sure you have a working version of gcc installed.
    My SD/MMC card doesn't work
  • SD/MMC cards differ based on brand. It is possible that your brand doesn't work with the CMUcam3. Please check (and update) the MMC card page. It is also possible that your card has a corrupt filesystem because it was reset during a transaction. In this case, try reformating your card and check to make sure the contacts on your board and card look clean. Be sure you have the latest CC3 code. The early release did not work with as many cards as the current version.
Why does the camera freeze when I change properties while grabbing images in a loop with the CMUcam3 Frame Grabber?
  • Unfortunately, the CMUcam3 Frame Grabber isn't smart enough to really keep track of what you are doing. So if you are looping images and you change the resolution to something larger, then it may send the next "Grab Frame" command before the high resolution image was done transfering. After this happens a few times, the Frame Grabber gets out of sync with the camera and the serial times out. Typically if you press "Stop" before changing parameters, and make sure that you set the "Refresh Interval" to a larger value for high resolution images, then you will not get communication or timeout errors.
Why can't I grab frames in a loop with high resolution images using the CMUcam3 Frame Grabber?
  • This is the same problem as described by the previous question. If the "Refresh Interval" is too small, then the camera will request images faster than it can produce them.

When I compile for the first time I get an error that says:

error: unwind-arm.c(.text+0x7e4)L: undefined reference to "exidx_start" 

  • This is due to the updated Code Sourcery compiler having problems with the older versions of the CC3 source tree. The latest CC3 source tree should work correctly. Make sure to do an "svn update" and install the latest Code Sourcery compiler.
I am using Windows Vista, but I get "failed to communicate" when I try running the flashing program using a USB to serial converter Having trouble getting Windows Vista or Windows 7 toolchain working
  • Checkout the instructions in the following forum post