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== CMUcam3 Windows Quick Start Guide ==
This is for advanced users. For more detailed instructions see [wiki:Documentation].

* Download and install cygwin
* Make sure to install “Make”, “CVS”, “openssh”

* go to
Go to [ CodeSourcery ARM compiler “Files” and download site] latest binary GCC tool chain for windows
* Get the “EABI” or “Bare Metal” target for Windows
* Install

* Go to
* Download and Install LPC ISP

* Download cc3 source
* Get a zip of the latest stable snapshot from our [wiki:Downloads] page
* '''or''' checkout a fresh copy from svn by typing:
svn co cc3

* Open up Cygwin Shell
* Go to cc3
* Type Make

* Startup in programming mode
* Hold in push button while turning on power to startup in programming mode

* Open LPC ISP and load compiled hex file
* Browse to cc3/projects/cmucam2/cmucam2_lpc2106-cmucam3.hex
* Flash board
* Close ISP program

* Open up a terminal program
* Power Cycle Board
* A Green Power LED should turn on
* If the code is running correctly, the red LED will turn off and the blue and yellow LEDs will dimly illuminate
* Make sure it prints a startup message

* Use a Graphical User Interface to View Images and Focus Camera
* Option 1: CMUcam3 Frame Grab Utility
* [wiki:Downloads Download] the CMUcam3 Frame Grab Utility and Install .NET (both on [wiki:Downloads] page)
* Double Click on "CMUcam3 Frame Grabber.exe"
* Select Correct COM port and Press "Connect"
* Click "Send" button to check for an "ACK" message to see if the port is connected
* Click "Grab Frame" to grab a sample image
* Option 2: CMUcam2 GUI
* See the CMUcam2 GUI documentation
* Check if GUI detects camera and can send frame
* GUI does not set serial port correctly, so a terminal program must be run in between downloading from the ISP and use of the CMUcam2 GUI