CMUcam4 Graphical User Interface

Version 7 (Kwabena Agyeman, 12/01/2012 11:57 am)

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h1. CMUcam4 Graphical User Interface
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We are developing a graphical user interface (GUI) for the CMUcam4. Currently, the CMUcam4 GUI is on schedule to be finished in early January (hopefully).
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Below are incomplete versions of the CMUcam4GUI. As we get more progress on the CMUcam4GUI completed we will update this post with the GUI snapshots. Once the CMUcam4GUI is completed, the snapshots will be removed and the final CMUcam4GUI will be posted on this page along with complete help documentation.
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h3. *How to use the incomplete CMUcam4GUI*
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The GUI right now is incomplete. This means some features do not work in the GUI. If you notice a feature not working, this is because the feature is not fully implemented yet. The GUI only runs on windows right now. Later on, we will release Windows and Linux, executables, and hopefully Mac executables as the GUI becomes more complete. 
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When the GUI grays its window out, do not drag the CMUcam4GUI, this will cause problems.
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Additionally, to connect the CMUcam4GUI to your PC, only connect the VCC, GND, TX, and RX lines to the PC. The DTR/TRS lines are not yet controlled properly by the GUI causing the CMUcam4 to reset.
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As an example use of the CMUcam4GUI, click the send frame button to send an image to the PC. Then after the image is sent to the PC, click the save frame button to save the image.
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You have to click the green run button first to connect to a CMUcam4 first.
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