CMUcam4 Graphical User Interface

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h1. CMUcam4 Graphical User Interface

We are developing a graphical user interface (GUI) for the CMUcam4.

Attached is an almost complete version of the CMUcam4GUI. The final version of the CMUcam4 GUI will include file system capabilities (that's what the blank disk tab is for).

The attached version should be fully function on any windows PC.

If you encounter errors trying to connect to the CMUcam4, unplug your USB to serial device from the PC and plug it back in again.

Help support documentation will be available on this webpage when the CMUcam4GUI is complete. Documentation is not truely needed however as the GUI just exposes all CMUcam4 functionally on the PC and is incredibly straight forward.

<The text below is place holder stuff... this webpage will be edited over the next week to have all the info on how to use the GUI>

h3. *Windows Setup*

#1 Download the "": file.

Tentative windows version below... will be finalized once linux port is complete and all know issues are found...

h3. *Linux Setup*

*Still working on the Linux port... it will be done soon... this is just some notes*

Add your user name to the dialout group

sudo adduser username dialout

Now verify by typing

groups username

Now log out and log back in.

h3. *Macintosh Setup*

*I don't have a mac to work with... I'll port the GUI to mac when I get a mac to work with*