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h1. Mobot - Article By: Cosku Acay, Edwin Cho, Kenneth Li, Nishant Pol
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h3. *Project Description*
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In Carnegie Mellon’s Mobot competition, robots must pass through a series of 14 gates positioned over a 255-foot curved white line on an outdoor sidewalk. The course includes two steep ramps and a decision point area where the robot must select the correct route to pass through 14 gates in serial order. Since the line is outdoors and under Pittsburgh’s weather, the robot must function in a variety of conditions. This year it was rainy and windy on competition day. More information can be found at
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h3. *Solution with the CMUcam4*
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We chose to approach the line-following task using the CMUcam4 because it required minimal hardware and had an interface well suited for tracking a line.