In Demo Mode the power light, auxiliary light, and TV turn on for a second and then everything stops

When both the CMUcam4 and pan and/or tilt servos are active, the power required is greater. Try using a battery or voltage source rated at a higher current.

The power LED does not glow or glows dimly

The board either has a fault, or your power supply is not generating enough power. The power supply should be capable of delivering at least 250 mA at between 4 volts to 9 volts DC. Check the power supply and look over all of the wire connections. Try unplugging all of the wires except for the power wires and turn the CMUcam4 on again.

I get garbage output from the camera

Try turning the camera off and unplugging it for 10 seconds. Then plug it back in and try again.

I get wavy lines in my image or a distorted black and white image when I call "DF" (Dump Frame)

This is most likely due to power. Make sure that you have a high enough voltage and that you are getting a clean signal. Running the camera off of fresh batteries (not an AC adapter) is a good way to test if this is the problem. The camera module could also possibly be damaged.

My processor can not keep up with the serial data stream

Try running the camera in poll mode using the "PM" (Poll Mode) command and setting a delay mode value using the "DM" (Delay Mode) command.

I don’t seem to get any serial data

Make sure that the serial cable is attached to the CMUcam4 correctly. If in doubt, try reversing it.

I see the CMUcam4 startup message, but, then nothing happens

Check to make sure the transmit line on your serial cable is connected correctly.

My microSD card doesn't work

MicroSD cards differ based on brand. It is possible that your brand doesn't work with the CMUcam4. It is also possible that your card has a corrupt file system. In this case, try reformatting your card and check to make sure the contacts on your board and card look clean.