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Rich LeGrand, 02/19/2014 09:55 pm

Assembling pan/tilt Mechanism

The pan/tilt mechanism when combined with Pixy, makes a fun demo — a good “hello world” for Pixy (no Arduino required). The Pixy pan/tilt mechanism comes in a kit and requires some assembly.

You will need (in addition to a Pixy and a pan/tilt kit):

A small phillips screwdriver


small wire cutters

1. Find one of the long servo horns inside one of the servo baggies, and clip it on the 3rd hole from the end.

2. Put the servo horn on the servo and check both ends of travel. You can do this by moving the horn all the way to the right:

and then all the way to the left:

and adjusting the mounting angle of the horn such that the center of travel has the servo horn pointing downwards.

3. Find one of the servo horn fasteners in the one of the servo baggies:

and screw the servo horn tightly. (Here the servo is shown with the servo horn pointing downwards, which should be roughly the center of travel.)

1. Remove the paper backing on the body piece (the smaller of the two acrylic parts).